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MV hopper loaders

MV hopper loader: 

  • For materials that are not entirely dust-free
  • Minimum on moving parts
  • Working on compressed air
  • Low maintenance

Automatic MV Hopper Loader:

Movacolor dosing units are capable of handling a variety of dry materials. Two different filling systems are available depending on the properties of the material.

  • The Movacolor Ejector (ME) system for dust-free or nearly dust-free materials.
  • The Movacolor Vacuum (MV) system for materials that are NOT entirely dust-free.

The MV system is driven by low-pressure compressed air and mounted directly on top of the hopper lid of the Movacolor dosing unit. The MC-18, MC-30 and MC-Balance controllers all control operation of the MV system.

All parts are aluminum or stainless steel and are virtually maintenance-free. Only the filter needs to be cleaned periodically. To increase reliability and safety, there are no moving parts except for the pneumatically operated closing valve of the MV system.

 How the MV system works: 

The MV system uses a 3-stage vacuum generator driven by compressed air to create a vacuum that draws the material into a chamber that closes. Once the chamber is filled with material, the cone that closed the chamber will open and the material will be discharged into the hopper. The system is equipped with a superior filter to ensure that the finest particles (> 5 micron) stay in the system and are not released into the atmosphere. This makes the MV system the most practical and user-friendly system for both powders and granules.


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