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ME hopper loaders

ME hopper loader:                                                                                     

  • For dust-free or nearly dust free materials
  • Minimum on moving parts
  • Working on low-pressure compressed air
  • Low maintenance

Automatic ME Hopper Loader:

Movacolor dosing units are capable of handling a variety of dry materials. Two different filling systems are available depending on the properties of the material.

  • The Movacolor Ejector (ME) system for dust-free or nearly dust-free materials.
  • The Movacolor Vacuum (MV) system for materials that are NOT entirely dust-free.   

The ME system is driven by low-pressure compressed air and mounted directly on top of the hopper lid of the Movacolor dosing unit. The MC-18, MC-30 and MC-Balance controllers all control operation of the ME system.

All parts are aluminum or stainless steel and are virtually maintenance-free. Only the filter needs to be cleaned periodically. To increase reliability and safety, there are no moving parts..

How the ME system works:

The ME system blows the material from the bag, drum or container to the hopper of the dosing unit. The hopper lid of the housing has a simple and easy-to-clean dust filter to keep any dust particles in the hopper.

The system is triggered by a low-level sensor mounted in the hopper of the dosing unit. The sensor also generates a low-level alarm, when the system is used in combination with a volumetric dosing device. When the system is used with a gravimetric system, the digital weighing unit will provide the adjustable trigger signal.

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