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MC-Twin G

Gravimetric Single-Component series:

MC-Twin Closed loop Regrind and MB 

If you are re-introducing regrind into the production process, either in closed loop or batch wise, the Movacolor Multi- Component Series is the best and most accurate metering and dosing solution available in the market today for injection molding or extrusion applications.

Regrind and masterbatch are dosed together and inline. This means that there is NO chance of any de-mixing. The masterbatch quantities will be ratio-corrected on the basis of the dosed regrind. This technology is proprietary to

Movacolor. The color - or rather: the amount of colorant - is continuously controlled and regulated by the two dosing units. Virgin material is automatically synchro-mixed with the regrind and masterbatch in the specially designed machine neckpiece.

 How it works
Both gravimetric dosing units will self-regulate after start-up on the basis of the entered formula (re-introduced regrind ratio). At the start, no regrind will have been produced yet, i.e. there will be no regrind in the regrind dosing unit. The digital weighing unit will detect this. It will send a signal to the control, specifying that the MB dose should be the formula maximum. After a while, the regrind amount will increase. The regrind dosing unit will start dosing; the MB amount will then immediately be reduced accordingly. Regrind also contains virgin material. The amount of virgin material will have to be reduced too. This process does NOT have to be controlled. The virgin material will be added volumetrically through the specially constructed neckpiece.

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Dosing system

Dosing capacity

Dosing capacity

Type GL*

0.02 to 0.4

0.07 to 1.44

Type G*

0.2 to 7

0.72 to 25.2

Type A-20*

0.5 to 20

1.8 to 72

Type A-30**

2.0 to 50

7.2 to 180

Note* measured with granular masterbatch 0.8 kg/dm³
Note** only available with high torque (4 Amp) stepper motor

Calibration Method/ControlsThe unit auto-calibrates continuously, eliminating the need to calibrate the unit when changing color or regrind.


Controls- Set and actual % setting for injection molding.
- Set and actual % setting for extrusion.
- Extrusion control.
- Relay or by tacho standard.
- Injection molding control:
- Automatic metering time synchronization.
- Or by manual timer.
- Manual speed and time setting.
- 4 keyboard lock levels.
- Integrated hopper loader controller.


Memory modesProduction (data logger): up to 2 x 24 hours can be stored.
Production memory, up to 1500 machine settings can be stored.


Monitoring/System Information/ External communication128 x 64 full graphic LCD front display with integrated backlight
Man/machine interface: Using full language command structure; standard languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Swedish; other languages on request. .
External communication: PC link using TCP/IP Internet protocol; optional RS 232 or 485 available.
Alarm: 2 user-programmable alarm levels.


Specifications/Standards & DirectivesTechnical data:
Operating power from 80VAC to 260 VAC, 50 and 60 Hz by integrated automatic voltage selector.
Power consumed 160 Watt maximum.
2 x stepper motor (1.8 degr/step) max 2 Amp or 4 Amp at 40 Volt.
Operating temperature: -20 to + 70 degr. C.
Load cell electronics 20 bits A/D resolution with a full digital filtering.

Input signal(s):
Injection molding:
Start/stop trigger input, potential free or 0 .. 24 VDC. Input for level sensor.
Start/stop trigger input, potential free or 0 .. 24 VDC.
Tacho input, 0 .. 30VDC
Input for level sensor.

- 2 x Solid State 24 VDC/0.5 A output, for valve hopper loader.
- 2 x Solid State 24 VDC/0.5 A output for external warning alarm.
- 2 x Relays output for alarm level free programmable.
- 2 x relays output for alarm level free programmable.
All free programmable outputs are capable of driving up to 5 Amp 230 VAC/30 VDC.


Output Ranges
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