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Gravimetric Single-Component series:


  • Set color percentage,
  • Part weight, and time.
  • Press the start button.
  • That's all.

Operating the MC-Balance is as easy as it gets. It auto-calibrates and is permanently monitored by the weighing unit. If necessary, the MC-Balance will adjust the dosing unit rpm automatically.

How it works
The Movacolor MC-Balance® operates fully gravimetrically on the basis of the loss-in-weight principle. The dosing unit is permanently connected to a digital weighing unit with a quick-release connection. The weighing unit will always work accurately even under high-vibration conditions. The control unit has a self-regulating filter that ensures that weight information will be interpreted correctly by the control. The MC-Balance operates on the basis of real loss-in-weight of the material to be dosed and cannot be influenced. What is out, is out. The MC-Balance also features a real-time memory in which, along with other data, the set amount in relation to the actually dosed amount can be read for a longer period of time.

The MC-Balance can be used on injection molding machines, extruders, and blow molders. It always delivers accurate dosing rates through continues loss-in-weight measurements with closed-loop control of the dosing speed.
Color changes are quick and easy.
This unit eliminates time-consuming color calibration when materials are changed.

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 Output Ranges

Dosing system

Dosing capacity

Dosing capacity

Type GL*

0.02 to 0.4

0.07 to 1.44

Type G*

0.2 to 7

0.72 to 25.2

Type A-20*

0.5 to 20

1.8 to 72

Type A-30**

2.0 to 50

7.2 to 180

Note* measured with granular masterbatch 0.8 kg/dm³
Note** only available with high torque (4 Amp) stepper motor

Calibration Method/Controls


The MC-Ba

Controls- Set % setting for injection molding.
- Set % setting for extrusion.
- Extrusion control.
- Relay or by tacho standard.
- Injection molding control:
- Automatic metering time synchronization.
- Or by manual timer.
- Manual speed and time setting.
- 4 keyboard lock levels.
- Integrated hopper loader controller.

Memory modes


Production (data logger): up to 2 x 24 hours can be stored.
Production memory, up to 1500 machine settings can be stored.

Monitoring/System Information/ External communication


128 x 64 full graphic LCD front display with integrated backlight
Man/machine interface: Using full language command structure; standard languages, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Swedish; other languages on request. .
External communication: PC link using TCP/IP Internet protocol; optional RS 232 or 485 available.
Alarm: 2 user-programmable alarm levels.

Specifications/Standards & Directives


Technical data:
Operating power from 80 VAC to 260 VAC, 50 and 60 Hz by integrated automatic voltage selector.
Power consumed 80 Watt maximum.
Stepper motor (1.8 degr/step) max 2 Amp or 4 Amp at 40 Volt.
Operating Temperature: -20 to + 70 degr. C.
Load cell electronics 20 bits A/D resolution with a full digital filtering.

Input signal(s):
Injection molding:
Start/stop trigger input, potential free or 0 .. 24 VDC. Input for level sensor.
Start/stop trigger input, potential free or 0 .. 24 VDC. Tacho input, 0 .. 30VDC Input for level sensor.

Stepper motor max output 2 Amp or 4 Amp (40 VDC)
- Solid State 24 VDC/0.5 A output, for valve hopper loader.
- Solid State 24 VDC/0.5 A output for external warning alarm.
- Relays for alarm level free programmable.
- Relays for alarm level free programmable.
All free programmable outputs are capable of driving up to 5 Amp 230 VAC/30 VDC.


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