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MC-18 Synchronic: 

  •  Volumetric working principle
  • RPM adjustment, additive feeder
  • Synchronized tacho mode for automatic speed compensation
  • Low investment, high savings
  • Accurate and reliable, 5 years warranty


MC-18 controls were designed to set metering speed and metering time manually. Also, the synchronized tacho mode can slave the MC-18 to your extruder for automatic speed compensation. The integrated automatic voltage selector ensures consistent operation even when there are fluctuations in the power grid. The standard integrated hopper loader controller enables you to work with Movacolor automatic hopper loaders, ensuring adequate supply of material at all times. OFF alarm can be generated as an option.


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Output Ranges
Dosing system Dosing capacity
Dosing capacity
Type GL* 0.02 to 0.4 0.07 to 1.44
Type G* 0.2 to 7 0.72 to 25.2
Type A-20* 0.5 to 20 1.8 to 72
Type A-30** 2.0 to 50 7.2 to 180

Note* measured with granular masterbatch 0.8 kg/dm³
Note** only available with high torque (4 Amp) stepper motor


Calibration Method/ControlsThe required metering system rpm needs to be tested by manual deduction. When testing off-line the TEST button will run the unit at the set parameters. The measured value needs to be re-evaluated with the required set point. When required, metering speed must be adjusted. This procedure is repeated until the required set point is achieved.


Speed: Manual setting from 0 to 200 rpm max, in increments of 0.1 rpm.
Time: Manual setting from 0 to 999 sec in increments of 0.1 sec.
Voltage setting of tacho-voltage: auto-detect.
Keyboard lock: 1 level.
Integrated hopper loader controller.


Monitoring/System Information/ External communication4-piece 7 segments LED at front display.
Man/machine interface: keypad.
External communication: none.
Alarm: LED indication, 1 external alarm.


Specifications/Standards & Directives Technical data:
Operating power from 80 VAC to 260 VAC, 50 and 60 Hz by integrated automatic voltage selector.
Power consumed 80 Watt maximum.
Stepper motor (1.8 degr/step) max 2 Amp or 4 Amp at 40 Volt.
Operating Temperature: -20 to + 70 degr. C.

Input signal(s):
Injection molding:
Start/stop trigger input, potential free or 0 .. 24 VDC. Input for level sensor.

Start/stop trigger input, potential free or 0 .. 24 VDC. Tacho input, 0 .. 30VDC. Input for level sensor.

- Stepper motor max output 2 Amp or 4 Amp (40 VDC).
- Solid state 24 VDC/0.5 A output for valve hopper loader.
- Solid state 24 VDC/0.5 A output for external warning alarm.


Standards and Directives:Protection class: IP-50.
According to CE standards:
EN50081-2 (HF radiation industry).
EN50082-2 (HF immunity industry).

- In case of overload due to short-circuit or incorrect connection, the power supply automatically shuts down.
- Opto insulated start input for connection to production machine.


Machine connection flanges Standard flange NST40 with cleaning opening and inlet/outlet Ø 50mm/  40mm, steel epoxy coated.
Flange type NST90 with cleaning opening and inlet/outlet Ø 50mm/  90mm, steel epoxy coated.
Water-cooled flange NBH(A) inlet/outlet 50 mm/50 mm, stainless steel ANSI 304.
Water-cooled flange NPHA inlet/outlet 100 mm/100 mm, stainless steel ANSI 304.
Other flange types custom-made on request.


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