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Hot Runners cleaning

 Hot Runners cleaning (see video)

All Ultra Purge grades, with exception of the Ultra Purge HT, can be used to clean hot runners. The user will have the option to purge the machine with the mold open or closed.

Purging the hot runners with the mold open is recommended to achieve optimal results when facing a very difficult color change. Purging the hot runners with the mold close is a procedure that is recommended during relatively easy color changes. Ultra Purge can be injected through very small hot runner gates. No chemicals or solvents are added to the purging compound so it will not damage the hot runner tips, conduits or mold finishings.

Ultra Purge is also recommended by Husky Injection Molding Systems as a safe and cost effective solution to keep the hot runners clean. Cleaning hot runners with Ultra Purge will reduce scrap and down time during color changes.

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