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Finke colors


Plastics have become firmly established in almost all areas of life. This is due to the big desire to make workpieces more colorful and therefore more pleasant to see and to appriciate. 

Finke has accompanied this process from the very beginning with the products FIBAPLAST, WUBALEN, FIBASOL and FIBADUR. This allows us to meet all demands made by customers in regard to modern application technology, an attractive appearance and the implementation of innovative ideas.

WUBALEN dry pigments were one of the first product innovations we have introduced to the market at a time when plastics were just taking their first steps and were conquering one area of application after the other. 

The products are dry, low-dust, pourable, specially prepared individual pigments or mixtures on the basis of organic and inorganic pigments. By selecting the suitable raw materials we always comply with our customer's wishes as well as technical requirements. The result in every case is a dye of high color intensity and good homogeneity that is physiologically safe.

FIBAPLAST are characterised by optimal dispersion of the pigments in the carrier and excellent distribution properties in plastics. They are available for all thermoplastic applications. 

The big advantage at Finke: FIBAPLAST Masterbatches are adapted precisely to customer specifications whatever they are: the pellet size, safety of contact with foodstuffs, color behaviour or other properties.

FIBASOL liquid dyes are to be found in almost every area of plastics processing. This is due to very small pigment particles, not affecting the good physical and chemical properties of the plastics and being physiologically safe. 

The essential advantage of the high temperature-resistant, non-fading dyes is in the selection of the suitable pigments, their properties are controlled and can be combined individually in accordance with our customers' requirements.


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