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ComiPack LLC represents of Movacolor B.V. dosing systems in Russia Ukraine, Belorussia. 

Movacolor BV - One of the world leaders in the manufacturing of dosing systems for colourants and additives. 

Hoppers, mixers, loaders Movacolor BV are among the best in the world. Extremely reliable operation, a unique patented principle of dosing, and continuous improvement makes products Movacolor BV, perhaps, the best equipment on the market.

Adding color is a precise job that is of crucial importance in the whole process. Movacolor is the only company that is completely dedicated to the development and production of high quality dosing equipment for the plastics industry world wide.

The Movacolor dosing units are constructed according to the modular principle. Each unit consists of a controller, dosing cylinder, neckpiece, stepper motor and hopper. These interchangeable parts are all developed with the words accuracy, reliability and ease of use in mind.




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